How do we work?Let's do things differently. Let's do it right. Here's how:


First things first, we embed ourselves in your organisation to learn all about your brand and its DNA. In other words, how all your stakeholders perceive your company and brand.

Why do we do this? Simply to clarify the current situation so that everyone understands the brand’s position. As well as avoiding any ‘out of the blue’ future developments, the results of the audit form the basis of the brand key, vision, mission, strategy, etc.


We use our position, embedded in your company, to explain and distribute the results of the audit. This gives internal stakeholders a comprehensive understanding of the situation, aligning their passion and work efforts, leading to an overall smoother process.

The results of the audit and the brand key set the tone for everything that follows. This includes the brand identity and tone of voice in the visuals and the content.


The last step is to develop a marketing plan that covers all communication channels. From embedded in your company, we develop tools that meet and exceed the expectations of all stakeholders.

But it doesn’t end here. Your built-in KPIs are monitored and analysed to see how to adapt the plan for optimal results.