About ten years ago, La Lorraine Bakery Group purchased Panesco, a producer of bake-off products in bread, pastry, ... Panesco has a reputation for quality frozen bakery products sold via their own office network and exclusive agents across Europe.

After a discussion with us, Panesco decided to look at the bigger picture and to participate in the three-step approach, starting with an audit of their brand positioning. This would be followed up with a detailed look at their communication and marketing strategy.

The results of the initial audit were a wake up call.

Panesco had been the first company in the market to commercialize bake-off products with a range of innovative products, which was quickly reflected in their market position. Unfortunately, the audit showed that Panesco had lost the hard-earned market position that they believed they still had.

The outcome of the audit has been an overhaul of their marketing strategy and materials to meet customer expectations.

The new logo and brand identity introduces the new company name – PANESCOFOOD.COM – in a fresh and appealing way. Brochure and website layouts are clean and easy to follow.

Photography and video focuses on people and products. And in video testimonials, customers explain how the Panesco product range makes their professional life easier.

The results are tasteful, stylish and successful.