Van Straaten

With almost 100 years of history, Van Straaten was the number one producer of flags in the Netherlands before they diversified into large-format digital printing on almost any material. The family-owned company is now in the top 3 printers in this category in their home market. They are also working on strengthening their position in Belgium, Germany and the US.

Seven years ago, the third and fourth generation of the family owners sold the company, but purchased it back a few years later. At this point, the company needed to refocus on rebuilding and promoting its core business.

Following the three-step approach, we undertook a full audit of the brand.

The results weren’t promising. The link between the work that the company realized and what customers could see was completely missing. This link needed to be clarified for the company to be able to move forward.

Based on the audit results, we developed a brand identity, starting with a new logo and baseline. The logo, with its 13 PMS colours, highlights the quality of Van Straaten’s print work. And the baseline (Let’s Impress!) clearly states that Van Straaten aims to impress their customers and their customers’ customers.

The logo and baseline are used across all marketing tools, including the trilingual website, the appealing advertising campaign, the over-sized corporate brochure, the informative company magazine called ‘Impressions’ and various product leaflets and business unit brochures. The coloured squares from the logo form the basis of the new, eye-catching booth, which won a design award at its first participation in a trade fair.

The end result is a revival of the Van Straaten brand in the market and a better understanding of their target audience and their requirements for the company.